Monday, April 22, 2013

Globalizing Your Exposure - More Business Now

Your image is a statement and that statement should speak volumes for you and what you offer! In other words your businesses image and presentation should brand you and everything should "sell itself" to your targeted audience! Take a look at some of the services I offer my clients!

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All of the work completed by the Expert Business Presentations Team under the direction of owner Johnny Bryan Giles is 100% custom design and we take pride in helping our clients make a lasting impression! So if you need a business plan, business synopsis, business summary, corporate profile, custom wordpress blog, custom flyer or brochure, custom logo, custom power-point or custom video we are your turnkey resource! We also offer custom Facebook and Twitter page design and optimization for getting likes, followers and views to your videos!


We are a turnkey resource for your business no matter what you need! If you are seeking or plan to seek government loans, grants or need an rfp, rfq, rfa or rfi filled out we can do that too!


Expert Business Presentations has one of the best reputations for client satisfaction that you are likely to find online! See Johnny's LinkedIn profile to read just some of the recommendations we have received!

Take a look at these two project snapshots of what we can do for you or anyone!

Contact me any time for information, samples, pricing and references!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Generate more business and land more clients or customers!

One of the most powerful tools to attract new clients or customers is a video! A simple yet visually appealing video can have an amazing impact on your ability to attract new business. Video gives you the ability to "pitch" yourself in a short introduction that will lead to inquiries!

A video, especially a simple teaser made of text, images and music will spread your message and get others to make inquiries giving you the opportunity to close them as a new client or customer.

Another simple and economical way to attract new business and generate traffic and leads is to place free ads onto sites like CraigsList and Backpage which are html ad friendly. An html ad (see flyer below and click it) will redirect traffic to your website or blog when clicked.

The flyer below is a sample and when you click it you will be redirected to another one of my blogs.


Any work you put into creating your "BRAND" will pay you back 100 or even 1,000 times!

So if you need help with a business plan, presentation, power-point, video, marketing flyer or brochure, logo or any other type of imaging Expert Business Presentations is your #1 turnkey resource! Contact me to receive more samples of my work and my price list!

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I love what I do and I am very good at it, just see my LinkedIn profile to read recommendations from some of my happy clients!

I look forward to serving your businesses needs!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Do you need a loan or investment capital?

If you are seeking a loan, credit or business capital in any form be it from a conventional source like a bank or an investor or a government entity your image should sell itself to those you want to impress. Others must arrive at their own conclusions that your business offers the key aspects they seek in order to provide you with the capital or credit you need!

I specialize in custom writing and designing professional business plans and presentations that sell themselves!


We add images, graphics, charts and models to visually stimulate the reader and so the readers can retain more information!

We can custom design a full business plan like the video showcases above or a business synopsis or corporate profile like the 2 videos below!

The services I offer through Expert Business Presentations are turnkey in nature! We can start with your logo and transition through every area of your business based on your specific needs!


I also specialize in writing government proposals such as RFP's, RFI's and RFQ's and here is a short video on this.

If you are seeking government loans, concessions, grants or incentives of any kind from a city, county, state or federal government agency you need to have an image that will impress! We specialize in providing turnkey writing and design services.


If you are looking for a turnkey resource for all of your business plan, presentation, video, power-point, social media and branding needs then I am one of your best resources available to you. We offer fast turn-around and all of our work is 100% custom design.

I will be happy to provide you with pricing and many samples of my work! See my LinkedIn Profile for recommendations from my clients;

You can also see two snapshots of what I can offer you turnkey!

Given the opportunity I am very confident you will be happy with the quality of work my Team and I can provide to you quickly!