Saturday, August 30, 2014

Let us help you with your business today!

This is what we do for our clients:

We can provide a-la-carte options as needed or turnkey solutions for everything your business needs!

I can provide services for clients locally, anywhere in the USA and anywhere globally, as shown above and below!

Please click the flyers below to visit my website.

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I take a lot of pride in providing my clients more than what they have paid for! I am an expert business plan, rcp and ebb presentation writer! I love what I do and my clients love me as a result! If you need a business plan, presentation, website, video or consulting for your business, project or venture I am confident you will love my work!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Expert Business Presentations serves Global Clients


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From local and national clients to international clients Expert Business Presentations can provide fast turn-around on exceptional executive level business plans, presentations, social media services, video design and wordpress site design just to name a few! Contact us today to learn more and click above!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Going Global or Staying Local!

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Do you serve clients and/or customers locally or globally? Expert Business Presentations is your turnkey resource for all of your business needs! We are able to quickly identify things to quantum leap your business!


I love what I do and my clients love me!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Your Business Plan should sell itself!

Not all business plans and presentations are written the same! Most service providers use "templates" and that is not the way to go! This video outlined a sample of a Corporate Profile, also referred to as a Business Summary;

This video outlines a Business Synopsis which is almost as detailed as a full Business Plan and is used as a bridge between a business summary/corporate profile and a business plan;

This video features a full Business Plan;

This video features an RFP (request for proposal) which is common place in government contracts and corporate entities;

The services offered by Expert Business Presentations are customized to fit our clients individual needs!


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We offer a lot more, just click the flyer above to visit our primary website and you can see samples and pricing on that site! Expert Business Presentations is your turnkey resource for business plans, presentations, power-points, videos, branding, imaging and social media needs!

Contact me anytime!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Local, National and International Business Services!

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CLICK the flyer above to visit my site, see samples and pricing or the video below to see some of what we offer! P: 704-315-5149

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Click the flyer above to visit our site, see samples and pricing or the video below where you can see the About section for more information and links. P: 704-315-5149

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See this link to see the new rules that allow you to engage in general solicitation as stated by the SEC. We custom design packages and tools to help your business, project or venture to sell itself! Click the image above to visit my site where you can see samples, testimonials and pricing and the video below as an informative teaser.

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Expert Business Presentations is your #1 turnkey resource for everything your business needs to start, grow, expand or sell! We offer custom solutions that make a lasting impression. From business plan and presentations writing to video and power-point design we create tools that work. From consulting to strategies for social media and raising capital our knowledge will save you time and money!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Attention Local Businesses and Global Corporations, this may be what you need!


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The services offered by Expert Business Presentations and Johnny Bryan Giles are turnkey in nature and will help you grow and expand your business! Click the flyers to visit our sites and click the videos to see what we offer!

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No matter if you are a local business seeking new customers or clients or a global corporation seeking to expand your image will lead others to their own conclusions as to your success! Since people are naturally attracted to successful companies looking successful is a key element in your success and after all, you are already successful once you use our services! Contact us to learn more!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

We can help you take your business to the next level!

The right solutions will expedite your growth on a local, state, national or global scale!


There are three steps to follow when raising capital of any kind!

Step 1: Look good enough so that people believe that you are success! This is called leading by example!

Step 2: Create an online and in-print image that matches your brand and note that it should sell itself so that you can avoid having to sales pitch others!

Step 3: Ask your associates and clients for Testimonials and Recommendations so that others will see what you have done. This gives your audience confidence that you can perform for them!

My company specializes in taking businesses and individuals through this three step process! I have a proven track record of helping my clients exceed their own goals and expectations! Click the flyers to visit my other sites where you can see samples of my work and watch the short videos to learn what I do!


I love what I do and it shows in all of my custom work!

Let me assist you today!


Before you seek capital your image and brand needs to be impressive!

Contact me, Johnny Giles, to see samples of my work and pricing! I am confident you will be very impressed with what we can offer you!