Sunday, February 24, 2013

Your Success in Business Starts Here!

Hi, my name is Johnny Bryan Giles and I am a professional business consultant, business plan writer, social media strategist and published author! I offer a wide range of services to include the tools you need to succeed!

Do you need a professional business plan or presentation that will sell itself? All of my work is 100% custom!


Do you need more business? If so creating an html flyer for placing visual ads on sites like BackPage and CraigsList may work for you!

Click this flyer below or the one above to visit my other site where you can see samples (this is html at work)!


Contact me for pricing and samples and I am confident you will be very happy with what we can do for you!

My book Social Media "How To's" that work by Author JB Giles (that's me) is on sale now just click this image;


Contact me for pricing and samples of my work! You will be impressed with what I can do for you!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Earn $20 over and over easily!

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When you sign-up to receive your free NetSpend Debit Card you will receive your card in 10 days or so! Once you receive it activate the card and load at least $40 to the card and you will receive a $20 bonus! Then everyone you refer will not only receive $20 for doing the same you will be paid $40 when they do! Simple, easy, ethical and to the point! I know $20 does not sound like much but it can quickly add up!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Expert Business Presentations

Expert Business Presentations is your turnkey resource for business plan writing, business presentation design, promotional and marketing tools and videos as well as social media services!


Expert Business Presentations is owned and operated by Johnny Bryan Giles and our small yet elite Team provides fast turn-around on all of your business needs! This makes it possible to expedite your project be it large or small!


Contact me anytime!